Ahmad AbouZanat


PROJECT AZ is a residential design studio dedicated to crafting modern and functional spaces.

As lead designer, Ahmad AbouZanat’s approach focuses on learning about his clients’ lifestyles and applying modern solutions to create new spaces for them.

The studio started in New York City in 2017, a product of passion for design and 10 years of extensive learning through a career that took place in multiple architectural and design firms around the world.

PROJECT AZ has been featured in many prominent publications including Interior Design magazine, Architectural Digest, Identity magazine, and more.

Ahmad AbouZanat

Ahmad AbouZanat has lived and traveled to many unique regions of the world that have built upon his design knowledge and experience. Of Palestinian descent, he was raised in Beirut, Lebanon, and graduated from the American University of Science and Technology with a degree in Interior Design.

He then parlayed his education into working for some of the most esteemed firms in the Middle East before moving to Washington, D.C. in 2011. While working for these firms, Ahmad designed projects in Beirut, Dubai, Washington DC, Virginia, New York, London, Amsterdam, and the countryside of Lebanon, working both in residential and commercial applications. 

Now, he lives full-time in NYC where he can utilize his otherworldly experiences into the homes of his clients. Because he has been fully immersed in different regions throughout his life, he serves as an ideal designer who can relate to those who come from different cultural backgrounds or an affinity for distinctive design preferences.

But NYC is not just an ideal place for PROJECT AZ to serve clients with unique desires. The well-established design community that surrounds him has also built upon his skills in design leadership, bringing him to become a co-founder and active board member of the renowned online interior design platform, Interior Collab.

Ahmad AbouZanat