Downtown Manhattan

This 1,800 square foot, two-bedroom apartment designed for a couple who wanted to preserve the modernity and minimalist aesthetic of the space while introducing a colorful and airy feel. Situated on the 21st floor of a modern building nicknamed Jenga — a nod to the wooden block stacking game — in the hip neighborhood of Tribeca, which is known for its industrial buildings and cobblestone streets, the space came to life during challenging times.

NYC Midtown

This New York City apartment in Midtown belonged to PROJECT AZ founder, Ahmad. His vision resulted in simple yet functional furnishings that would fit the modern architecture of the building. Pulling from a long-time collection of art pieces, the long entry hallway pulled your eyes to the meaningful pieces selected over time.


The furnishing choices were selected to draw attention the elegant structure of this newer build, complimenting the tall ceilings and bringing your attention to the open windows facing the gorgeous skyline of Manhattan’s Northwest region. 


Designed for young roommates who held serious jobs, these clients agreed to hire PROJECT AZ to help them turn their home, often used for hosting gatherings, into an inviting, colorful, and playful space. Within the scope, we fulfilled partial remodels to both downstairs bedrooms with custom additions including tv units, shelving, and closet alterations.


We applied design styles from the retro era of the 60’s and 70’s, integrating common color schemes and patterns from that time. The sourcing of the sofa became an all-time favorite piece within the home, providing a modular furnishing that interchanges into a sofa or sleeping area as needed.

Hudson Yards

This project was designed for a senior level professional as a transition apartment from living in the Meatpacking district until he finds his new home. This project was around the same time the Hudson Yards area opened to the public. Sited on the 47th floor with south west facing windows, the client’s main request was to enjoy the views while comfortably lounging and have a space that is elegant enough to host a few people. Darker paint colors were chosen to absorb the hues of the incredible sunsets.


To offset the walls colors, the furniture had to remain neutral and wood elements were introduced to add warmth to the space. The small living / tv room was intentionally designed with a midcentury modern approach to stand out from the rest of the space, this was in response to the client’s request of creating a cozy and warm space that has a different feel to it than the rest of the apartment. We selected some of the client’s own art collection and used the ones that worked best with the space.

Cooper Square

A young couple with an interest in iconic design pieces hired PROJECT AZ’s furnishing services for sourcing products from their favorite designers, including Pierre Jeanerette, Serge Mouille, Jens Risom, and contemporary designers like Thomas Hayes Studio.


A custom addition to their scope was around the kitchen layout, where we added a drink bar to the existing island area to satisfy the need for extra utility and functionality. Customized additional storage was added to the other side of the island to provide balance and optimization to the space. 

West Village

PROJECT AZ took on this project for a professional in the medical field who sought an interior space with a calming design to help her unwind after long shifts at the hospital. The client was a young and first-time home buyer and put forth the research to solidify color schemes and design direction, but needed support to pull her vision together.


We were able to manage and oversee a full kitchen remodel, add a walk-in-closet, and salvage sentimental furnishings the owner wanted to keep while pairing with new pieces to elevate her space. We implemented many small details to this project to create a cohesive look, such as the matte black hardware aimed at giving directional structure by providing visual contrast to the otherwise soft and white presence. 

East River

This apartment features a 37’ long open space with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry all to one side. Upon entering, you will see a combination of both closed and open storage space to create a nook as the home office. Acoustic panels are carefully placed throughout the nook to provide sound dampening benefits from the closely located piano.


A kitchen island was added to create a small dining area and serve as a worktop surface and provide additional storage. When sourcing furniture, Ahmad decided to use a mixture of existing pieces to pair with newer accents including a statement floor lamp, area rug, and armchair. The living room layout was carefully selected to overlook a favorite Art Deco skyscraper, the Chrysler Building. Finally, a personal art collection displays some original and print pieces of well-established artists among the space.

Madison Square

A Tennessee couple living part time in New York City approached PROJECT AZ with one wish – to transform their interior space with accents and furnishings without impeding on the near 360 degree views from the 44th floor of their Manhattan pied-a-terre. Through our furnishing and cosmetic services, PROJECT AZ pulled together a minimalistic interior design through wall treatments, art-work collections, and furnishings.


As the client was an avid art collector, PROJECT AZ provided consultation for this part of the scope. PROJECT AZ made full design decisions based on everything else, from the furniture, lighting, window treatments, and designing a custom walk-in-closet.


A well traveled couple with an appetite for design approached PROJECT AZ for furnishing services. Through the sourcing of North American and Italian manufactured pieces, the interiors of this Manhattan apartment now features furniture, artwork, lighting, bed & bath linen, accessories, utensils & dinnerware, and more, handpicked by PROJECT AZ to perfection.