5 Simple Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Home for the Holidays


The holiday season is right around the corner! The holidays are a great time to celebrate past traditions and create new ones. Beyond gatherings, meals, and celebrations, decorating your home for the holidays is an important part of welcoming the season and setting the mood. Start by decluttering and reorganizing your space, and incorporate these simple holiday interior design tips to create a warm, inviting space for the changing seasons.

Engage all your senses

Aesthetics go beyond visual elements- they also involve smells, lighting, touch, and taste. Holiday aesthetics resonate with us on many levels and work to create an experience that evokes emotions in us- from the food we eat, to aromas and the feeling of warmth from a fireplace. The ultimate goal of creating a holiday interior design is to engage the senses. That can be achieved through incorporating elements like scented candles, utilizing soft and warm lighting, and incorporating inviting textures, like cozy throws, throughout your space.

bedroom design by Gia Mar Interiors
Create texture and utilize soft textures and blankets like faux furs and throws to have an engaging effect on the senses as seen in this design by Gia Mar Interiors.

Embrace Traditions & Accessories 

Along with the holidays comes traditions, and holiday decor is often something that is passed through generations. Imagine your space as a combination of textures and small items that hold value. These can be ornaments, table runners, etc. That have either family or holiday connections. Utilize these elements in careful, curated ways that consider scale so as to not overwhelm a space.

Christmans Ornaments
Allegra Muzzillo of ACM interiors shows us a unique way to incorporate vintage Christmas ornaments into a holiday display.

Set a Holiday Color Palette

Part of creating harmony in a space is using a cohesive color palette. Holidays are normally associated with a range of colors, and these can be utilized in your interior design to mark how you celebrate. Fall may typically involve reds and oranges, while Winter could incorporate snowy whites and blues for a calmer mood. Incorporate your seasonal palette by matching blankets and throws with decor, changing furniture covers, or thinking about new artwork you can switch out.

Decor Design by Project AZ
Don’t limit your holiday palette to red and green. Reds, purple, and silver can create a seasonal vibe while keeping your palate classy. Decor design by PROJECT AZ.

Lighting & Nature

One key way to dramatically shape the interior is when you consider lighting and natural elements. Consider incorporating natural elements of the season- colorful leaves, dried pinecones, or wreaths made with twigs. Hang lanterns, strings of lights, and light candles to create interesting variations in light. These kinds of elements draw attention to new areas, emphasize the seasons, and can highlight interior design elements that you love.

Lighting and Natural Elements
Lighting and natural elements add warmth and character to interior designs, any time of the year, as seen in this festive display from Ruchi Mohan of Design by Ruchi.

Making Space

Holidays also usually mean that you’re taking time to introduce new elements to your space. This could be a tree, candles, and other pieces that you may not typically have room for. To avoid creating a cluttered space, consider where these elements will go, how they work with what’s existing, and what will need to be stored or moved to accommodate them.

Holidays are such a special time, and marking the changing of the seasons should resonate throughout your home as well. Need help sprucing up your home for the holidays? PROJECT AZ is a New York based top interior design firm headed by Ahmad AbouZanat. Get your project started for the holidays and book a consultation today.


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