What We Know About the Historic River Mansion: Kips Bay Design Event in NYC

Ahmad AbouZanat

Photo credits and history source information: Ephemeral New York blog

The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club has announced plans to renovate the historic River Mansion for its 48th Annual Decorator Show House event in which our lead designer at PROJECT AZ, Ahmad, is participating. Located at 337 Riverside Drive in the Upper West Side, the River Mansion has a rich history that spans over a century. Built in 1902, the house was purchased by Julia Marlowe, a famous Shakespearean actress. Over the years, the mansion was owned by a succession of short-term owners, and during the Depression, it was converted to a rooming house that was tinged with tragic stories.

In the 1970s, the River Mansion was part of a newly created historic district and went back to being a single-family residence. Seagram heir Edgar Bronfman, Jr. bought the mansion in 1978 and turned it into his family home. Today, the River Mansion remains a personal residence and stands as a testament to the history of Riverside Drive.

The Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is an organization that celebrates the best of interior design by transforming luxury Manhattan homes into elegant exhibitions of fine furnishings, art, and technology. The 48th Annual Decorator Show House will be held at the River Mansion from May 11th, 2023, to June 11th, 2023. The Show House is the nation’s leading design event of the year and benefits the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club.

Ahmad has been selected as one of the 22 designers for the Kips Bay event. Ahmad is known for his innovative and modern designs that blend style and functionality. He has worked on various high-profile projects and has won several awards for his work, and this is his second Kips Bay event.

Ahmad’s participation in the Kips Bay event is expected to bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the River Mansion. His designs are known for their unique blend of traditional and modern elements, which make them both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Ahmad’s vision for the River Mansion is expected to be a highlight of the event and a must-see for visitors.

In conclusion, the upcoming Kips Bay event at the River Mansion is a rare opportunity to experience the history and beauty of one of New York City’s most iconic properties. The event promises to showcase the best of interior design while also benefiting a worthy cause. With Ahmad’s participation, visitors can expect to see a unique and innovative approach to interior design that is sure to impress. 

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