Why a Bespoke Interior Design is a Better Investment

Ahmad AbouZanat

Are you considering having your home’s interior professionally designed? In that case, you may wonder whether to go with a tailored, custom design that suits your needs or a more generalized, popular one. This article will explore the advantages of opting for a bespoke interior design.

Custom or tailored designs are specific to the client’s needs, wants, and style. On the other hand, generic plans are pre-determined and don’t consider the client’s preferences. These designs are typically influenced by current trends followed by the general public.

There are several reasons why tailored designs are better than generic ones. Read on to learn more about why you should opt for a custom design for your home!

What Does It Mean for a Design to Be Tailored or Custom?

Custom design is one of the most important aspects of home ownership. A well-tailored design ensures that your home provides a personalized experience for you and your family. As a result, custom design is becoming an expectation among home buyers looking for a space with interesting characteristics that stand apart from other homes in the area. 

But what does it mean for an interior to be truly custom? Simply put, bespoke interiors require a designer to conduct an in-depth interview with the client to form unique design solutions that fit the space and the needs to perfection. 

What Does It Mean for an Interior Design to Be Generalized?

When we think of generic in terms of design, we think of purchasing a “look” from a catalog or showroom with all matching components. Unfortunately, the downside to creating a generic interior design is that you typically end up with cheaply made materials and homes that look just like everyone else’s. 

Suppose the space is designed to reflect modern trends and styles with generic sourcing of products. In that case, it lacks personality and individuality – two key elements that make a house feel like a home.

Finding the Ideal Interior Designer for your Custom Project Needs.

While there are many benefits to having a custom-designed interior, choosing the right designer can be challenging. It is difficult to determine which designers are qualified to carry out this project. It is even harder to find someone who will listen attentively enough to understand your needs and expectations. 

That’s why it’s essential to research before selecting a designer, and typically find someone specializing in high-end, bespoke projects. Doing so will ensure you get the best possible outcome for your money and time investment.

When choosing a designer for your custom project, consider these four tips:

  1. Research online – Find designers with experience creating bespoke designs. They will be knowledgeable on how to direct the process seamlessly. Review their portfolio and make sure you like their work and style. 
  2. When looking at a designer’s portfolio, see if all projects share a common theme and if it aligns with your style. But be careful to make sure all projects do not match too closely. If they have a wide range of styles on their portfolio, this indicates that they respond well to the client’s preferences and needs to create a truly bespoke space. 
  3. Find a designer with good reviews – Reviews will say a lot about the designer and their process. Houzz is a great place to explore designers in your region and discover how others rate their experience. 
  4. Be upfront and honest – Once you find a designer with that you feel comfortable taking the first step, you must share any concerns. An open line of communication is the best way to start and end a custom-tailored interior design project.

Why Is It Better for the Interior Design to Be Custom or Tailored?

Custom or tailored interior design is often considered the best option for homeowners and other property owners. Customization allows you to create a space that perfectly suits your needs and preferences. The tailored design also considers your lifestyle and personality, making it more comfortable and inviting.

There are many reasons why custom or tailored interior design is superior to standard designs:

  1. You can be sure that the layout of your room will suit your unique needs.
  2. Custom designs bring individuality and personality to a home.
  3. Customized rooms are usually more aesthetically pleasing than standard ones because they consider your personal preferences, which visitors will appreciate.

Still Not Convinced Bespoke Interior Design is Superior to Generic?

The truth is that the answer to which interior design approach best suits your needs solely depends on your goals. For example, many house flippers find generic interior designs more cost-effective because they aim to sell a house as quickly as possible and appeal to the masses. 

If you are considering upgrading or redesigning your home’s interior, don’t hesitate to contact a professional designer such as PROJECT AZ! We can provide unbiased advice on what kind of customization would be ideal for your situation and style of home.

Feel free to reach out today to get started! And also check out our recent involvement in Kips Bay ShowHouse in Dallas, Texas, where we transformed the space into a Southern Sanctuary like nothing you’ve seen before. 

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