East River

Art-Filled Cozy Apartment Design in Manhattan

East River, 1st Ave & 39th St, NYC

Project Scope

Furnishings + Cosmetics

Project Summary

This apartment features a 37’ long open space with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and laundry all to one side. Upon entering, you will see a combination of both closed and open storage space to create a nook as the home office. Acoustic panels are carefully placed throughout the nook to provide sound dampening benefits from the closely located piano.

A kitchen island was added to create a small dining area and serve as a worktop surface and provide additional storage. When sourcing furniture, Ahmad decided to use a mixture of existing pieces to pair with newer accents including a statement floor lamp, area rug, and armchair. The living room layout was carefully selected to overlook a favorite Art Deco skyscraper, the Chrysler Building. Finally, a personal art collection displays some original and print pieces of well-established artists among the space.

Project Details

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