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Partial and Full Renovations

Looking to renovate a specific room, or an entire home with inclusive architecture and design work?

Our renovation services entail an overhaul of structural updates, building material changes such as flooring, backsplashes, and layouts. A professional contractor and architect will be sourced with our team to fulfill the project scope, when necessary. Included in PROJECT AZ’s renovation services is a full interior design scope, from consultation down to furnishing and cosmetic services.

PROJECT AZ has a refined process for renovations, ensuring a well communicative plan is in place with the professionals to bring your vision to reality.

Furnishing Services

Looking for the most functional layout for your room(s)?

Our furnishing service for interior spaces is a perfect solution for those who are wanting to optimize a physical space within a room, and visually enhance areas with a range of textures, colors, dimensions and scales.

Included in this service are technical 2D floor plans and elevation drawings to know the scale and limitations of everything chosen.

At PROJECT AZ, we will work with your specific interior dimensions and individualistic preferences to help you choose furniture, window treatments, area rugs, accessories, and artwork.

Cosmetic Services

Cosmetic services, also known as project “facelifts”, often go hand and hand with our furnishing scopes (see above).

Our cosmetic service helps to advise around colors and textures of walls, from paint colors to wall paper, and small finish details of hardware and accents pieces.

PROJECT AZ is focused on creating a complete and coherent space all the way down to the finer details. This service ensures every square inch of your space is carefully considered in the grander vision.

Consultation Services

Looking for a second opinion or in need of professional direction? 

In-person or virtual consultation services are available to those looking for a professional to discuss interior design options with.

PROJECT AZ is here to help you add character to a space through an individualized approach and personal touches that elevate your home. By choosing our consultation services, you will work directly with a designer through open discussions and find strategies to spruce up your interiors both aesthetically and functionally. Custom floor plans can be created after the consultation process as a separate or an additional scope or as a new scope of work.

Please keep in mind that for in-person design consultations, PROJECT AZ is currently only available in New York City’s surrounding regions.