How to Align your Interior Preferences with your Designer’s Style

Ahmad AbouZanat

Do you know how to align your interior preferences with your Designer’s style? Choosing the right designer is essential to ensuring that your home or property meets expectations after design. But with so many different styles, how can you be sure you’re choosing a designer whose style aligns with your own? Even if you can appreciate someone’s design work, there may be a better fit for your project.

But first, you need to determine if you are looking for something custom and personalized to you and your family or something out of the box and generic. If you need more clarification, check out our recent article explaining why bespoke design is typically a better investment!

This article will explore tips for defining your personal style, researching different designers, and asking the right questions to find the perfect match. So if you’re ready to learn how to choose the right designer, read on!

Defining Your Interior Preferences & Style

It can be challenging to know what your interior design preferences are in a home. There are so many different styles out there it can take time to decide which one will fit your personality and lifestyle best. However, if you want to live in a home that reflects who you are and how you use it daily, you need to start by defining your ideal aesthetic. You don’t have to worry about matching an exact style – instead, focus on creating a foundation that reflects who you are. Once you understand your style well, start looking for home interiors that match it.

The following are some popular terms to search for to get you started. We suggest using Pinterest for inspiration! 

  1. Farmhouse
  2. Scandinavian
  3. Bohemian
  4. Industrial
  5. Mid-century Modern

Several factors go into determining your style. For example, how do you spend your free time? What kind of foods do you like? What colors appeal to you? What is your personality type? Once you know these things about yourself, you’ll start to gravitate towards your ideal interior that you will appreciate the most for years to come.

After all, having a beautiful home should be something everyone can enjoy, especially the ones that occupy the most space!

Researching Different Interior Designers

Now that you have your preferences for design style in mind, this step becomes a lot easier! 

If you’re feeling lost in this process, don’t worry—there are two easy ways to begin. First, start with Google and search for interior designers in your area. Another excellent place to search is Houzz, a search engine specifically for the design industry, or 1stdibs. You should be able to customize filters to help narrow your search.

It is crucial to read reviews and closely examine their projects. There are many more considerations to hiring an interior designer besides their styles aligning with yours. 

Another way to find a designer that suits your needs is to ask your trusted inner circle. Friends and family, coworkers, and realtors may be able to deliver quality referrals and recommendations to consider along the way.

Lastly, you can scour design magazines where designers are quoted, such as Architectural Digest, where you can learn more about their methodologies and preferences to ensure they align with your needs.

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Questions to Ask a Potential Designer

When looking for a designer for your home, it is essential to ask the right questions. Here are three questions you should always ask when evaluating a potential designer:

  1. What experience do they have with designing interiors like yours (apartment, house, condo)?
  2. What is their step-by-step process to design?
  3. How does the designer tackle projects of various sizes and budgets?


Choosing the right designer for your project can be daunting but worthwhile. First, you will need to understand your style and do the proper research to make the selection process much more manageable. 

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