Choosing Services: An Intro to Working with Interior Designers

Ahmad AbouZanat

Often when people think about hiring a designer for an interiors project they only consider aesthetics: fabrics, furniture, wall colors or art. But the right designer can work with you to tailor their services to your needs, and in doing so, create the right project for your budget and your home. The result is a streamlined process and an elegant, comforting space that’s as functional as it is inspiring and beautiful.

Interior Design Service Types

To begin with, it’s important to understand the different service types. The main difference between remodel and renovation as services is that remodels usually involve making something new. This can also mean a structural or formal change to a building or space. On the other hand, a renovation usually entails restoring something to a previous state or bringing a space back to life.

When designers talk about cosmetic services, they are referring to updates that improve the appearance of a building without changing its size or structure. Think of painting a wall, or replacing carpet with hardwood floors. The walls or floors remain more or less the same in terms of size and position, but they visually look different. Other cosmetic examples include fixing minor cracks in walls, updating basic household hardware, or light fittings and window furnishings.

Interior Remodels – Partial and Full

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For remodels, renovations and cosmetic changes, they can be both partial and full. That means that if you’re looking to renovate an older home, you can hire a designer to work on a specific space or spaces (partial) instead of an entire house or apartment (full). Maybe you’d only like help with a kitchen and bathroom design, or need additional feedback and input on a series of bedrooms and an entry foyer. You can work with a designer to specify the right amount of work for your project, and remember that different services have cost implications.

Interior Furnishing

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Another important service to explain is furnishing. This is a broader category that can take on different meanings depending on the designer. For the most part, it involves selecting furniture, fittings and other decorative accessories like carpets or curtains for a room or entire house. It can include fabrics for upholstery for comfort and utility, as well as selecting art. It can encompass accessories and styling objects to give a complete and finished look for your space. If you’re interested in art specifically, there are many ways to select the right pieces for your style.

Interior Design Consulting

Consider how services can be combined for different scopes. You may want to work with a designer on a partial remodel for one specific room of a house, and only choose furnishing for another room that’s already complete. This is where it’s important to work with a designer and discuss the right option for you. These discussions are called consultations. They can be both in-person and virtual. Consultations are their own type of services, and can be a useful way to get feedback from a trained professional. They also allow you to learn more about the process and have better understanding how long projects take and how much they can cost to execute.

Whether working on a remodel, renovation, furnishing or other project type, services are part of interior planning and design. A designer works to make a client’s home feel harmonious and comforting, a reflection of their personality and character. If you haven’t done it before, the idea of hiring someone to undertake this task can be intimidating, but only if you don’t know what to expect from the process. However, working with an experienced designer is a positive and transformative experience, and the main key to your desired result is communication.

At PROJECT AZ, we provide a range of services to clients depending on their home and needs. From remodels and renovations to furnishing and consultation, we work directly with clients to bring their vision to life. If you’re looking to redesign your home and want to explore different services, please reach out to us today.


PROJECT AZ is a residential design studio dedicated to crafting modern and functional spaces. As lead designer, Ahmad AbouZanat’s approach focuses on learning about his clients’ lifestyle and applying modern solutions to create new spaces for them. The studio started in New York City in 2017, a product of passion for design and 10 years of extensive learning through a career that took place in multiple architectural and design firms around the world.

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