The Best Interior Design Styles to Consider for ROI

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Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or simply looking for a way to spruce up your own home, one of the most fun choices you’ll make is which interior design style to choose. How your space is designed is one of the main factors considered when determining your ROI on your investment or rental business.

From Contemporary to Eclectic, there are a variety of styles to choose from, each with its unique characteristics and appeal. This article will explore 10 popular styles and discuss how they may be the perfect fit for your residential space to increase the value of your home or rental business.

If you want to explore stylistic options for your next real estate venture or home makeover, continue reading to learn more!

Contemporary/Modern Interior Design Styles

Contemporary design is all the rage in home renovation. It offers a modern look and feels with clean lines, neutral colors, and minimalistic furnishings that create an airy atmosphere. From sleek cabinetry to monochrome wall art, contemporary fixtures can take your interior space from dull to delightful in no time at all.

Contemporary renovations are also ideal for real estate investors who want a more updated look without spending too much money on remodeling projects. This trend has recently caught the attention of house flippers who appreciate its timeless appeal or Airbnb owners looking to make their rental spaces stand out from the competition.

No matter what kind of property you own or are renovating, it’s worth considering how incorporating contemporary elements could update your interior decor while still staying within budget constraints — making this style both practical and popular! If you are interested in this design style, be sure to check out my tips on transforming your modern home.

Minimalist Interior Design Styles

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Minimalism has been an increasingly popular trend in the last decade. Minimalist designs focus on minimal furnishings, clean lines, simple colors and shapes, and maximum utilization of space without cluttering the surroundings. It has become a favorite among for homeowners seeking to create interior spaces that look modern yet simple at the same time.

Minimalism can be used to achieve a variety of aesthetic goals while still being budget-friendly. It allows for more open floor plans, which can make rooms appear larger than they truly are as well as making them easier to maintain due to fewer items needing cleaning or dusting regularly.

For people who frequently flip houses or rent out properties short term through Airbnb services, the minimalist decor makes it much easier to transition between renters because there will be less furniture that needs rearranging each time someone moves in or out of a house they own/rent out professionally (plus tenants usually prefer this type of design).

Either way you look at it – from capitalizing on aesthetics for resale value purposes all the way up until having content tenants who don’t needlessly change around your well-thought living environment when their stay is over – minimalistic approaches provide one with ample rewards reaped along its path if done correctly.

Bohemian Interior Design Styles

Bohemian Interior Design Style

Bohemian style is a popular home decor trend focusing on comfort and creativity. Bohemian design typically features bright colors, eclectic patterns, and vintage pieces. It can create an inviting atmosphere with natural materials like wood, plants, rugs, and textiles, creating a cozy vibe in any space.

The bohemian style blends modern elements with traditional furnishings to create unique spaces for relaxing or entertaining guests.

Homeowners can use bohemian decorating tips such as mixing different textures of fabrics and furniture styles for a unified look throughout their house, and incorporating personal items into the mix to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Real estate investors may also find this trend beneficial when staging properties for sale or rental purposes since it can help them draw more attention from potential buyers/renters who are captivated by its uniqueness while still being low maintenance enough that they don’t have too much work involved if they decide to keep it after the purchase/rental period ends.

Depending on the region, house flippers looking to maximize their ROI should consider harnessing bohemia’s charm when remodeling homes so they stand apart from others on the market. 

Airbnb owners can benefit similarly but perhaps even more so because oftentimes, what makes these short-term rentals attractive is how aesthetically pleasing (and comfortable) they appear – something which goes hand in hand with bohemia’s primary goal: providing ultimate relaxation while vacationing.

Scandinavian Interior Design Styles

Scandinavian Interior Design Style

Scandinavian design is a style of minimalist interior decoration that has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially with Swedish-owned IKEA stores popping up all over the country. Characterized by clean, modern lines and light colors, the aesthetic seeks to create both functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

With its focus on sustainability and simplicity, Scandinavian design can be applied to all types of homes in various regions of the world, from traditional suburbs to small downtown apartments. Homeowners looking for ways to update their space need look no further than this timeless yet clean style that will give any room a fresh new look without breaking the bank or becoming dated too quickly.

French Country Interior Design Styles

French country is a classic style of home design that adds sophistication and elegance to any room. The hallmark of French Country, or Provincial, décor is its ability to evoke feelings of rustic pastoral comfort while still maintaining an air of refined taste. This timeless style can be achieved with touches like distressed furniture pieces and natural materials such as stone fireplaces, reclaimed hardwood floors, and exposed wooden ceiling beams. Rich colors combine these architectural elements to create a warm atmosphere that celebrates Old World charm.

This traditional aesthetic works well both indoors and outdoors – think of small patios filled with wrought iron furnishings draped in bright-colored fabrics – making it the perfect choice for homeowners looking for a touch of class or real estate investors hoping to make their property stand out from the competition. Even if you’re just looking for ways to freshen up your Airbnb rental unit quickly, adding some French Country accents can make all the difference!

Rustic Chic Interior Design Styles

Rustic chic is a trend that has been steadily gaining popularity among homeowners. This style combines the best of both worlds: classic rustic elements with modern touches to give any space a unique character.

At its core, rustic chic is all about blending natural materials like wood with industrial accents such as metal or concrete. The combination creates an inviting atmosphere while still being visually appealing and providing plenty of comfort for guests and homeowners alike. Like the French Country styles, popular pieces include distressed furniture, antiques, and vintage find – all adding charm to any interior design project.

Rustic Chic can be used in many different ways depending on your individual needs; from providing a cozy aesthetic for cabins or country homes to giving city apartments an earthy touch – this decorating style provides endless possibilities when it comes to personalization! Whether you’re looking for a universal look across multiple properties or want something more custom tailored per property – Rustic Chic delivers every time!

Eclectic Interior Design Styles

Chelsea Project

Eclectic is an interior design style that combines elements from different eras and sources to create a unique look, like my project in the image above, Chelsea. It’s often associated with vintage, rustic, or shabby chic looks but can also include modern pieces. By blending various styles and colors, the eclectic look offers endless possibilities for homeowners looking to express their personal tastes and interests in their interiors.

But the eclectic design style comes in so many art forms, take for example the Southern Sanctuary I designed in the Kips Bay Showhouse.

This design approach encourages creativity while still maintaining a balance between formality and informality within a space. For real estate investors or house flippers who want to maximize the return on investment of properties they own or rent out (such as Airbnb), incorporating eclectic decor into these spaces can be especially beneficial due to its versatility – it appeals both to younger generations as well as more mature audiences alike who are looking for a unique experience! 

Increase ROI By Hiring a Designer to Help You Fulfill Your Goals

Whatever interior design style you decide on, the most important thing is that it reflects your individual tastes and expresses your personal identity. Hiring a designer to help you bring your vision to life ensures that your property will increase in value and be something you are proud of. 

PROJECT AZ is run by me, lead designer Ahmad AbouZanat. Although based in the heart of Manhattan, I design spaces all over the world. So, if you are looking for a new look for your home but don’t know where to start, be sure to explore my portfolio and reach out to me today.


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