7 Items You Need to Make Your Modern Contemporary Home Feel Cozy

Ahmad AbouZanat

Having a well-designed space is one thing, but making it feel like a cozy one is another concept. By introducing personal touches, textures, and ambiance, you can create a space that will allow you to relax and connect with yourself and your guests easier.

modern contemporary space is characterized by elements of sleek and minimalistic design. Clean geometric lines, neutral color schemes, and little to no ornamentation are all attributes of this design style. The main challenge with minimalist spaces is making them look warm, comfortable, and inviting while keeping the decors and accessories to a bare minimum. Here are 7 items you can add to your modern contemporary home to make the space more comfortable.

#1 Rugs

A quality-made rug has the power to transform bland and dull spaces into an avant-garde stylish setting. Adding area rugs is an excellent way to add a pop of color for visual interest. Rugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials. The choices seem endless, so it is encouraged to find rugs that speak to you. 

Depending on your visual scheme, contemporary rugs can be made of natural fibers such as jute, sisal, and wicker if you’re aiming for a modern rustic appeal. A textured soft rug made of natural wool and silk with bold prints and patterns is a great statement piece to have. 

#2 Lighting

Lighting is what defines the ambiance and mood of a room. Lighting that is strategically placed adds depth and height and highlights the room’s most outstanding features. 

Lighting design is divided into categories namely: ambient, task, decorative, and accent. Ambient and task lighting are considered necessary while decorative and accent are the lighting elements that are added to bring warmth and luxury to the space. 

Aside from lighting being an important design element, it also aids in the stabilization of your circadian cycle, improving your general mood and aiding in a good night’s rest. In terms of psychology, bright light can aid in the reduction of depression and even improve cognition, such as response time.

#3 Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws in the living room sofa can transform a space from feeling cold and stale to inviting and cozy. They create texture that draws in not just the eyes but the sense of touch as well. Comfortable sofas are typically the centerpiece of a well-designed living room, but the accessories thrown on the seating area really tie the look together. 

#4 Plants and Florals

A room seems incomplete without the presence of florals or a little bit of greenery. Plants are perhaps the most cost-effective way of making an interior space come to life. Aside from the fact that they have psychological and health benefits to the well-being of a person, plants also make the space look and feel pleasant. There are many ways to put plants indoors. You can either go with a small potted succulent, a vase of tulips on the console table, or place a potted Monstera in the corner. 

#5 Art Pieces

Placing artworks and paintings on the wall is an excellent way of adding a statement piece and drawing attention to a blank wall. It’s amazing how a single painting can transform the vibe of the room. You can use it to create a focal point or to simply furnish an empty wall. Art can also be used to tell the concept behind your interests and passions. The color of the artwork displayed on the wall can also tie the overall interior color scheme of the home creating a more unified and coherent appeal. 

#6 Wooden Elements

Not only just a common material used in contemporary design, but wood can also elevate moods within the space similarly to greenery. The natural grain of solid wood is perfect for both traditional and modern spaces. Its natural color adds warmth to the space and is considered a great way to induce a bit of nature indoors. Wooden elements can be in different forms. It can be a piece of furniture such as a coffee table, side table, and chair. It can also be added as wall paneling, ceiling, a piece of décor, an accessory, and even lighting. 

#7 Knick Knacks

Adding small, meaningful decor items around your modern space is a great way to introduce unique and fun items that can also inspire conversation among guests. 

When it comes to introducing decor items, however, it is important to remember that less is more. Modern, contemporary spaces are focused on minimalism and cleanliness, so be careful not to make your favorite little items look clustered and cluttered. 

Looking for professional help to make your home feel cozy?

These are just seven among the many interior design items that can truly make an interior space look and feel at its finest. Think about hiring an interior designer if you find it a little bit challenging to spruce up or decorate a minimalist interior.  Asking the insight of a professional will give you clarity in the vision that you want your home to look like. Choose the best service for your project needs and let the designer know more about your concerns. 

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